Chapter 5

  • Chapter 5 page 7-8

    Uh-oh, Karsen believes this date thing is not for him! I don’t think Zlata & Galina will accept that attitude though….

  • Chapter 5 page 9-10

    As I mentioned, Zlata & Galina won’t have it with Karsen’s whining 😉 And cue to a “getting ready for the date”-montage!

    Starting next week, each update will only contain 1 page. This is because I’m a bit behind on working on the final chapter, so I need more time to get it together. Instead of having a longer pause between chapter 5 and 6, I thought it’d be nicer to slow down the pace for a while. This will probably be a ongoing until April, but I promise that the coming pages are nice enough to be displayed one by one as well 😉

  • Chapter 5 page 11

    Karsen is a very smooth guy for sure 😉

    As I mentioned last week, I’ll start posting 1 page/week instead of 2 – this is to make sure the chapter lasts until I’ve made a couple of pages for chapter 6.

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