Page re-boot

Let’s see if a re-boot of my site will make me more eager to write here 🙂 I’m trying to collect all my stuff, from illustrations, to TTRPG to comic stuff here and see how it goes.

My reasoning behind this is that I don’t have the attention span to maintain two wordpress pages (one for my comics and one for the rest/my portfolio), so I want to see if merging them will help my motivation a bit.

Since 2018, I’ve been a game master for a few TTRPGs and have done a few talks on the subject – I’ll might as well share my experiences here on this blog. I’ve also realized that being a game master has helped me a bit in the work context – I’m working as a UX designer, and been asked to help out with facilitating a few workshops, and I believe my game mastering adventures has helped me to approach this. Workshops and TTRPGs have some things in common, and I’d like to share these findings with y’all 🙂

Also, in 2018, I started to work on a longer comic. I’m starting to get to a point where I can start shariung it with the world. I thought it could be interesting to make this comic web-first as I don’t have many web comics by myself online for free at the moment. More on that later!






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