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  • Chapter 6 page 11-12

    Chapter 6 page 11-12

    Seems like these people from the Seri home planet doesn’t have much to put up against Karsen’s family..!

  • Chapter 6 page 9-10

    Chapter 6 page 9-10

    Atla is not amused with what’s going on here…. If you’re in Stockholm, Sthlm Nördmarknad is happening this Saturday in Solnahallen (Solna) and I’ll be there, selling my comics! If you’re going to attend, make sure to stop by my table and say hi 🙂

  • Chapter 6 page 7-8

    Chapter 6 page 7-8

    Seems like raising children on the seri home planet is only for the rich…

  • Chapter 6 page 5-6

    Chapter 6 page 5-6

    Oh man…the wedding started so well (with a celebrity and all!), but of course nothing can ever be perfect ^^; If you have read SPEJS, you might find some interesting easter eggs here..! 😉

  • Chapter 6 page 3-4

    Chapter 6 page 3-4

    They said yes – let’s see how this wedding pans out 😉

  • Chapter 6 page 1-2

    Chapter 6 page 1-2

    And we’re back with 2 pages/week for this final chapter! Aeros’ laws are very convenient for this story yes yes :3